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839 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains QLD 4108
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat. 8am-12Noon

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Another shipment of our famous
Megajet/Ozy "4in1" Workstations
goes to North America !!

...the Americans call them 'FarmHand'

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Water Truck, Fire Fighting , Irrigation

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Introducing The New WS2532L Megajet Workstation

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Our technical advice comes from many years of experience in manufacturing, service, spare parts & repairs.
Let our knowledge help you make the correct decisions on any purchase.

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Take advantage of our service area:

Now that we are a STIHL dealer, please make use of our workshop service and facilities.

Even if you bought your STIHL elsewhere, you are welcome to ask for a quote or simply book the machine in for a service. All genuine parts are available and most fast moving, day-to-day parts and accessories are on the shelf.

We stock the STIHL pre-mixed fuel as well. This fuel is the ultra high quality mix that STIHL stand behind with additional warranty on the engine of your STIHL product. Engine life is also extended and while the ‘per litre’ cost is higher, you have the peace of mind that no mistakes can be made with mix ratios or fuel quality or octane/additive problems.

For those who prefer to mix their own fuel, be sure to buy a litre of the STIHL synthetic oil and instantly double your warranty when you purchase your new STIHL.



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The perfect gift for Dad

With Spring just around the corner, surprise Dad with an FS 45 or FS 45 C-E grass trimmer and receive a free pack of 2.0mm x 15m nylon line!

Terms and conditions apply.


Megajet has begun to add models to it’s range of ‘4 in 1’ Workstations.

View the brochure on the new WS2532L.

This for the serious Mobile Workshop !

Powered by the Kohler KDW1003 water cooled 3 cylinders diesel engine, this unit offers some special advantages over the standard more portable Megajet models.

To begin, it is tall but narrow to fit across the truck body behind the cabin, but use only 565mm of flat bed space.

It is ideally accessible from the curb side of the vehicle, where 230 volt power with protected IP66 safety outlets are mounted. From the same area, the mechanic has access to the air, the battery charging and the welder.

There are 2 pressure gauges and 2 QR outlets to monitor full tank pressure and also regulated pressure for specific uses.

The Amp control for the DC welder is easily accessed and there is no ‘changeover’ switch to change from Weld to Generator mode.  Both modes can be operated simultaneously.

In fact ALL elements, Weld, Air, Power and DC charge can all be used at the same time.

The Megajet Weld/Generator alternator features up to 8kVA of 230 volt output, with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), plus up to 250 amps of DC welding from common windings.

The Air compressor is driven electro-mechanically and has air storage tank capacity of 60 litres with 32 CFM flow from a twin cylinder pump with 10 bar pressure capability.

The entire frame of the WS2532L is made of 6mm wall, welded aluminium

The engine uses the truck fuel supply and has it’s own fuel lift pump.

The unit has it’s own start battery and a jump start provision as well as battery charger.  There are 2 tool boxes.

Also added is the Wireless Remote Start (WRS).

This enables an operator to start and stop the diesel engine within a 50 metre radius of the truck.

This can be beneficial when manhandling materials for example before starting to weld or re-arranging a worksite before using power or air.  The engine is simply started by pressing a button on a 2 button, key fob type pocket remote.

Download the brochure here and call us for any further information.

We are a large HONDA ENGINE & Power Equipment dealer and can supply all Honda garden equipment as well as Honda generators, Honda pumps and all garden equipment.
We are also a manufacturer....Honda engines are used extensively in the MEGAJET equipment we build, which includes the innovative (and original) MEGAJET '4 in 1' Workstation....

This is a welder, generator, air compressor, battery charger combination unit that has become one of our major manufacturing lines. These machines are built in-house at the Coopers Plains facility and our end product exported to many countries. MEGAJET also build heavy duty cast iron TRUCK and IRRIGATION PUMPS and MINE COMPLIANT GENERATORS and GENERATOR WELDERS for heavy duty use where electrical compliance is paramount. Much of our work involves factory fitting our equipment to FIELD SERVICE TRUCKS and mobile workshop vehicles. Part of the support for our equipment involves Wireless Remote Control modules for remote stop/start and incemental throttle control.  This accessory is particularly usefull for operators and drivers of Truck Pumps and water blaster/sewer pumps where operators are necessarily removed from the actaul pump location.

We deal in BAR WATER BLASTERS, PILOT AIR COMPRESSORS, HOPPT CONCRETING MACHINES AND OTHER BRANDS.   Why not stay online and register as member? It costs nothing.


Our parts guy is Rod.
Yes, he has been in the industry for many years 

His experience is extensive and he has already proved his efficiency. Phone him any time, or contact him via email on parts@engineplace.com.au



For almost all of our 40 years we have been called on to build specialised units for unique applications where the tools for the job are just not available 'off the shelf '. 

MEGAJET WORKSTATIONS are fitted as a custom addition to service utes.
Pumps are fitted with wireless remote operation and even incremental throttle control.

Generators are fitted with a huge range of safety gear with Electrical, Environmental, Emissions, Noise, Consumption, Fire and Emergency considerations.

Our factory is equipped to fit product to even the largest vehicles.

Come in and talk to Allen or Gavin

They have years of experience with general small engine repair and service as well as heavy machinery, service maintenance, hire company fleet servicing and extensive diesel experience, both in Australia and other parts of the world.  This experience makes them highly capable of attending to your repair, bringing a wealth of practical knowledge and common sense to maintaining machinery in top operating condition. 
Ask their advice...it's free.

Book your service or repair at the desk, and ask for an estimate of costs. We will liaison with you during the whole process.

Work will not proceed without your approval.